Avoid costly ambulance transport

If you need immediate medical attention and an ambulance is the only transport suitable for your condition, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost. With Medibank ambulance insurance, you're covered Australia wide.

Ambulance inclusions
Services we pay benefits for Treatments & Features Waiting periods Waiting periods explained Waiting periods are a length of time you need to wait after taking out your cover before you can claim or receive benefits covered by your policy. Waiting periods apply to new members or for new services, including if you're changing to a higher level of cover. If you're switching you will not need to re-serve waiting periods if you have already served your waiting periods and you change to a comparable or lower level of cover. If you change to a higher level of cover, we will recognise any waiting periods you have already served and pay benefits at your former lower level of cover until you serve the waiting periods for your higher level of cover. If you have only partially served your waiting periods on your former level of cover, you will need to serve the balance before you can claim at your former level of cover.

Ambulance transport to hospital or other facility approved by Medibank to receive immediate professional attention
1 day

When an ambulance is called to provide immediate professional attention but transport by ambulance is not needed

When, as an admitted patient, the hospital requires you to be transferred from one hospital to another [excluding transfers between public hospitals]

Transport by air ambulance, where pre-approval is obtained from Medibank by the air ambulance provider

Ambulance cover excludes:

  • When immediate professional attention is not required, for example general patient transportation
  • Transfers between public hospitals
  • Any ambulance costs that are fully covered by a third party arrangement, such as an ambulance subscription or federal/state/territory ambulance transportation scheme, WorkCover, or the Transport Accident Commission
  • Any fully subsidised air ambulance services, such as South Care and LifeFlight

State ambulance schemes


Ambulance cover is not available to residents of these states as they are covered by state schemes.


Residents with private hospital cover don’t need ambulance cover; it's already funded by a levy on your premium. If you have a Commonwealth concession card, you are entitled to free ambulance services.


We don’t pay benefits if you’re aged 65 or over and are eligible for free ambulance services. If you’re eligible for subsidised services, you may be able to claim the remaining cost from Medibank. A $100 co-payment applies to non-emergency transport as classified by the ambulance service.

For more information call us on 134 190.

Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card holders are covered for state ambulance services in every State by the Department.

In some States and Territories government concession card holders are entitled to free ambulance services (such as Health Care Concession Card holders in ACT, NSW and Vic, Pensioner Concession Card holders in ACT, NSW, NT, Vic and WA and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders in NSW and NT).

from $

Minimum pay frequency is half-yearly ($29.4)

Price is for singles cover in NSW and 25.934% Australian Government Rebate. Assumes nil Lifetime Health Cover loading.


Cooling off period

If you're not completely happy with your cover in the first 30 days of joining, let us know and we'll transfer you to a more suitable cover or refund your premiums (as long as no claims have been made).